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The Desert Mist is designed to appear as an elegant vase that you can proudly display in your home without disrupting your decor. But we didn’t stop at just making a beautiful diffuser: We improved the run time and features, along with different light modes—making it one of the most versatile diffusers Young Living has ever offered.

Desert Mist Diffuser

  • Diffusing essential oils is a perfect way to relax, dispel odors, and create an aroma-filled atmosphere of peace and harmony.

    The diffuser’s 11 different light settings can be turned off or on independent of diffuser function.

    The diffuser includes a romantic candle-like flicker mode.

    The diffuser includes a light cycle mode, so colors transition gently from one to another.

    Three run modes are perfect for a customizable experience:

    High mode runs approximately 5 hours continuously.

    Low mod

  • No returns on this item at this time. Please inquire real time.

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