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SweetMelissaB's custom essential oil blended products to create your own hydrating facial spa day.


This kit includes:

Rose Quartz Point

This crystal is great for self love. Put this out where you can admire it while you wait on your facial.

DIY Hydrating Clay Mask

Packaged in two pieces, you will get to create your own clay mask made from kaolin white clay, pumpkin seed oil and essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang. This is a great hydrating masks for these dry winter months.

Rose Hydrating Mister

Made from rose hydrosol, this is a great hydrating mist for after mask.

Facial Serum

Blend of jojoba oil, lavender, copaiba and frankincense essential oils. This serum will give your face a dewy glow.

Spa Headband, Silicone Bowl

and Facial Mask Brush

Tools to make and apply your mask.   (comes in assorted colors)



  • Secure Headband around face as to expose your face and keep your hair out.
  • Pour contents of 1 clay packet in the Silicone Mixing Bowl.
  • Put 5ml of the oil mixture into Silicone Mixing Bowl.
  • Mix the clay and oil with Facial Mask Brush until well combined.
  • Using Facial Mask Brush, apply liberally to face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes.
  • Remove and rinse off face using a wash cloth.
  • Spritz face with Hydrating Rose Mister. Let absorb for 2-3 min before next step.
  • Apply 3 - 6 drops of Facial Serum to face and spread to evenly. Let absorb for 2-3 min.
  • Follow with your normal moisturizer and make up as desired.

Facial Gift Box

  • Hydrating Clay Mask: white kaolin clay powder, pumpkin seed oil, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils.

    Hyrdating Rose Mister: rose hydrosol.

    Facial Serum: jojoba oil, lavender, copaiba and frankincense essential oils.

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