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Interested in playing with your own aromatherapy essential oils?  Purchase your Young Living Premium Starter Kit (PSK).  It's a great way to start with a diffuser and array of oils.  Pricing is $165


    *+AMETHYST: protection, balance, & confidence

    +AMAZONITE: courage & truth, dispels worry & fear

    +APATITE:  goals, motivation & energy

    +AQUAMARINE: calm & purity

    *AVENTURINE: safety & inner harmony

    *BLACK ONYX: grief, self-control & decision making

    +BLUE CALCITE: trust & balance

    *BLOODSTONE: cleansing, grounding energy

    *BLUE GOLDSTONE: ambition

    *BLUE LACE AGATE: communication & confidence

    *BROWN GOLDSTONE: ambition & self-acceptance

    *CARNELIAN: motivation & creativity

    +CHRYSOCOLLA: communication, forgiveness & peace

    +CITRINE: light, happiness, & prosperity

    *+CLEAR QUARTZ: intent

    +EMERALD: friendship & unity

    +EMERALD CALCITE: supports peace & change

    +GARNET: passion & stimulation

    *GREEN JADE: love & passion

    *HEMATITE: grounding & deep thought

    *LABRADORITE: mental sharpness & inspiration

    *+LAPIS LAZULI: wisdom, judgement & truth

    *LEOPARD JASPER: tranquility

    *OPALITE: self-esteem, calming & peace

    +ORANGE KYANITE: creativity & playfulness

    +PERIDOT: abundance & overcoming resentment

    +PINK LEMURIAN QUARTZ: healing & meditative

    +PINK OPAL: emotional balance & renewal

    +PYRITE: energy, leadership & creativity


    *+RAINBOW MOONSTONE: calming change & insight

    *+RHODONITE: balancing, forgiveness & self-love

    *+ROSE QUARTZ: love & relationships

    +RUBY: energy & concentration

    +SAPPHIRE: focus & joy

    *SMOKEY QUARTZ: grounding & concentration

    *SODALITE: truth, integrity & communication

    +SUNSTONE: strength & positive mindset

    +TANGERINE QUARTZ: soothing & emotional grounding

    +TANZANITE: connect mind & heart

    *TIGERS EYE: courage & new beginnings

    +TOPAZ: fortune & goals

    +TOURMALINE: bring joy 

    +TURQUOISE: calming & problem solving

    *WHITE HOWLITE: calming

    *available as roller top

    + available as loose crystals in bottle

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